4 Amazing & Unforgettable Hands-Free Bags for Fall

One of the most fashionable accessories to add to your arsenal of goodies this fall is the hands-free bag. And, whether you are having fun on Labor Day weekend, heading back to the office or navigating the school campus, these hand-liberating accessories are tailor-made for life on the fly. Camouflage patterns are in, too, meaning you can blend chameleon-like into the fashion scene. Wearing anything from our Bum Bag in Black Camo to our new and adorable backpack in Grey Camo Jacquard will turn you into a style icon, making others wonder where they can snag one of their own.

In light of all that, trendsetters are going to want in on these four amazing & unforgettable hands-free styles making their autumn debut. Let’s learn more about them!

What Does Hands-Free Mean, Exactly?

Ever since Gabriele Chanel was inspired to design the first handbag with straps in 1929, designers have strived to use the straps of this beloved accessory to make it more practical and convenient. One of today’s most popular iterations of this idea, the hands-free bag, makes their carefree fashion vision a reality.

These modern hands-free purses aren’t the touristy fanny packs of yesteryear, either, and modern takes on them are as stylish as they are practical.

It’s a given that certain situations are made easier if your arms and hands are free. Purses that accomplish this feat have straps that make the bag portion of it stay close to you – much like the bestie who shares your innate sense of style.

Different Occasions Call for Certain Styles

Revolutionary, liberating, refreshing, joyful….all are words to describe how you feel when you discover the things you can do once you sport a bag that frees your hands. Keep in mind that certain styles of them are suited for different occasions, though.

For instance, if you're running to the bank, and only need something like a wallet and phone, a belt bag is suitable. If you plan on packing more, such as a water bottle or laptop, then a backpack handbag may be the better choice for you. Ahead, Think Royln presents four handy (oops, hands-free) purses that are sure to fit your occasion and busy lifestyle.

Bum/Crossbody Bags

One of our brand’s strengths is that all our bags can be made hands-free as they come with crossbody straps that transform your bag to suit the occasion. Our classic and best-selling Bum/ Crossbody Bag is no exception, either. Be it a Bum Bag, Belt Bag, Necklace Purse, Crossbody or Waist Bag…or even worn as a ‘hands on bag’ as modeled here…this cool and polished accessory does it all.

Whether you are scoring some alfresco dining along the Hudson river or are a fashion warrior heading to the Meatpacking district to get in fall wardrobe shopping, the free-spirited Bum Bag fits your body and lifestyle closely. This trendy little purse is sure to free your hands and mind for concentrating on the important people and things in life.

 This trendy and lightweight purse is 9 1/2" X 7" and comes with two adjustable web straps that fit almost every waist and cross body. With the straps, the shortest length it measures is 30 ¾” (that includes hardware), 27” (sans hardware). At the longest length, it measures 54 ¾” (that includes the hardware), 51” (sans hardware). Our bum bags for fall also come in several fabulous styles that include anything from silver and slate foil to denim to black and white patent.

Backpack Handbags

Hands-free bags are typically pictured as small, but sometimes circumstances call for you to go larger. One example of this that is popular right now is the backpack handbag, and they are extremely popular among professionals and students. Think Royln has rolled out our concept of this trend, and it’s the brand new 24/7 Backpack. This backpack is exceptional and has all the bases covered. Also importantly, it is designed to make life for the ever-busy fashionista effortless around the clock.

Whether for business or travel, this on-trend companion literally has your back. It also provides all the organizational needs that keep your life moving with you. The 24/7 has pockets galore, and from an inside laptop sleeve, to two inside zipper pockets to two side slip pockets for a water bottle and essentials, you’ll be crushing on this stylish backpack.

The 24/7 backpack is available in two styles, Black Noir and Grey Camo Jacquard, and it is sized 16”’ X 11 ¼” X 6 ½.” Other details about this BFF for every lifestyle include two-way top zipper closure, zipper that runs around three sides of the backpack, padded & adjustable comfy web straps, a top web handle for easy carrying & hanging, inside ring for clip-ons and a large outside zipper front pocket .

The Sidekick

We’ve recently introduced the sassy Sidekick, a lightweight assistant that shadows you, the modern superhero, without being intrusive at all. Whether you wear it as a fanny pack, crossbody, messenger bag…or however…this trusted bag is styled with all the tricks needed to help you leap over tall buildings in a single bound.

The Sidekick’s easy access pockets are built for style and organization - without looking like the clunky utility belt of Gotham’s favorite fictional superhero. This boy or girl wonder bag is here to liberate you from villainous heavy, slouchy bags and helps you conquer the world!

This sleek and sexy hands-free purse comes in Black Noir and White Patent. The bag includes two adjustable & detachable straps, one shorter one for the waist & hip and one longer for wearing it as a crossbody. Also includes a clip-on purse so you can keep your phone handy. The following dimensions make the gorgeous Sidekick a must-have companion: Overall - 10 ¼” X 8 ½,” Outside slip pocket - 5 ½" X 5 ½" and Outside elevated zip pocket - 6 ½"X 3 ½;" depth is 1. The round zipper coin bag has a circumference of 3 ¾.”

The Diva Double Zip

The ever-glamorous Diva doesn’t take fashion missteps kindly, and a Diva wants what a Diva wants. Because of that, any handbag designed for them has to be fire and convenient to their busy and luxurious lifestyle. Enter the season's fierce new darling, the Double Zip bag, which serves up the highest standards these style icons demand. Whether wearing it as a waist bag to a crossbody, to so many ways that are limited only by your guitar straps and imagination, Divas are certain to rock this double zip bag.

Designed for lasting all day and into the night, the Diva Double Zip frees up busy hands to multitask, while still holding up to the highest of fashion bars. It’s a Diva on the go that’s perfect for travel, workouts, the office, mom-on-go and all the tasks Divas accomplish, with a little assistance from Think Royln’s stylish new bag.

The Diva is available in Black Camo, and it features separate bag sections, each with its own zipper. The outside of the bag has one slip pocket on one side of the bag, too. Once you’ve dived inside the bag, you’ll see that there is one side zipper pocket and one side slip pocket. This double zip wonder also has two detachable/ adjustable straps, allowing you to wear your loyal partner in adventure in many different ways. Sized 8" X 6" X 3” (depth), the Diva comes with two adjustable straps, just like the bum bag does. Speaking of straps…

Crossbody Shoulder Straps

The purse is the star of the show, but the best supporting actor goes to the jazzy web straps that make the experience truly hands-free. In fact, they are the talent behind keeping your hands free for coffee, buttons, doors, writing, texting and plenty more. You’ll want to change them out every once in a while, and we’ll just leave that up to your whim.

The sliding metal hardware permits adjustment between the shortest and longest lengths. Also, the hardware clips allow for detachable straps to be added to our line of hands-free purses and other favorites. Here is a selection of our finest crossbody straps if you would like to peruse the gallery at Think Royln and see examples of them. 

As you can see, Think Royln has all the bases covered for freeing up your shoulder real estate this autumn. These fabulous, hands-free bags will have you rocking and rolling all night. Be sure to reach for yours before heading out the door!


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