How to Layer to be Warm and Stay Cool- @themintmom

I love having plenty of options for layering. I need a solid formula that works in chilly San Francisco. The weather here ranges from chillier mornings to just chilly afternoons then dips again at night. Let's just say those plaid coats I bought for the season aren’t getting much use with this flip-flopping inconsistency. Also, feeling pretty fanciful in a coat while wearing joggers just makes me look a bit messier and not put together.

Walking out that door being 100% comfortable and effortless is always a look a mama tries to balance with their wardrobes. I am not replacing the leggings and extra long sleeve tops anytime soon so I am always in need of a top layer. Usually, I throw my oversized denim jacket, but lately, I’ve been reaching for some extra warmth. I love this down-filled poncho/jacket from Think Rolyn. It keeps me toasty while enhancing the athleisure style. For the record, my athletic activities include walking Declan into preschool every morning……Ha!

I chose the classic black with the silver lining. They have so many different colors and prints so this was a hard pick. I especially love the hi-low hem and inside phone pocket. Hello, hands-free!

Their accessories are also designed with style, function and in their luxe signature down fill. The hands-free and cross-body style with two straps is a great convertible bag. One strap is shorter to be worn around your waist perfectly. The longer strap is for the crossbody version. I have been getting the most use out of the waist bag look. I even wore it while I sledded with my kids. It kept my wallet, phone, and keys safe and dry and literally added no extra weight. This is definitely one of my fave bags this season. The strap is also a style piece in itself. The metallic cams strap keeps things cool and is a fun update to your basic solid strap.

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