Like so many of us at this time, we are eager to show our appreciation to the many people that have showcased their heroism to support all of us.  From the healthcare workers, essential workers to teachers and all those that keep us safe and moving forward, we appreciate your sacrifice and selfless work.  We also want to keep in our minds and hearts the less fortunate that may have additional difficulties at this time.  We are appreciative of all this while keeping our own families, workers and community safe and strong.

As a small business we looked at what we could offer at this time to support this united effort.  We are committed to our families and work team and we are so thankful for their commitment and hard work.  Through much thought we have decided to localize our focus to make an impact that is most meaningful with what we have to offer.  We wish we could supply and share our efforts and giving with everyone on the long list of deserving.



Win is an outstanding organization that provides support and shelter to woman and their children in need.  Our customers and fellow industry partners support this effort of giving from sales, product and donations.  We thank them all for this.

During this particular time we are using our supply chain and personal funding to deliver masks to local health facilities in need as well as neighbors and friends.  Both of our founders are daughters of healthcare workers so personally understand the amazing work they do.  Thus we have chosen a hospital near and dear to us to send the masks we could plus bags for several of the healthcare workers.  One of our mothers was an ER nurse there for over 25 years and now has a sister working there on the front lines with her colleagues.  We wish we could share more and include all the deserving heroes but unfortunately that is just not possible...if and when it becomes possible we will do more, for now please accept our thanks, prayers and best wishes.

We will continue to look how we can support through our business, supply chain and personally.  Think Royln was built on the premise to provide style and empower woman that live a life on the fly...this goes beyond our product, we take this commitment personal.