Spring 2019 rainwear trends for women, men and kids

That old phrase “April showers bring May flowers” is so  20th century, a quaint cliché from back in the day when weather was . . . predictable.

Today’s increasingly bizarre weather patterns — monsoon in the morning, then (maybe) completely dry and tropical by the evening commute—a rain wardrobe in the age of climate change has to be versatile.

Here are questions to ask about your raincoat: Does it still look good when the rain lets up?

Consider the quilted poncho version by Think Royln in tie-dye colors. “It’s seasonless and doesn’t look like a raincoat,” says Maddy Cohen, owner of the Maddy’s 390 boutique at Wheatley Plaza in Greenvale, where she sells an eclectic mix of women’s fashions, including the poncho.

Think Royln’s slogan — “life on the fly” — which stems from the idea that your wardrobe should serve varying needs throughout the day, says Pattie Friedman, a Kings Park native who is co-founder of the brand. She likes that the poncho works just as well as a layering piece on rainy or sunny days. (It wasn’t designed as a raincoat per se, but it’s water-resistant and does the trick. She wears it to watch her son play ice hockey on a frigid rink.)


On-the-fly essentials

"We believe in fashion and adventure that is truly on the fly." 

Founders, Pattie & Kristin