Popsugar: Not to Sound Like Veruca Salt, but There's a Tie-Dye Prada Bag, and I Want It Now

I'm so grateful that the tie-dye Prada Sidonie bag was introduced into my life because now I know exactly what to do with my tax return. I mean, how could I possibly resist this Spring 2019 runway accessory brought to life? The Sidonie, which is quickly becoming a popular bag shape among Hollywood stars, supermodels, and fashion influencers, is being introduced in this throwback print, and it'll be available in stores beginning mid-April.

Tie-dye is perhaps my favorite returning trend because it reminds me of the splashy ribbed tanks I used to wear with my Limited Too cutoffs, chunky platform sandals, and chokers. If someone gave me this purse to carry in first grade — a gift for winning the spelling bee perhaps?! — I'd do so proudly.

While some of you may try to convince me that if I'm going to invest in a designer item, it should be something neutral and "wear every day," I'm in the other camp. I think that when something speaks to your personality or your soul it becomes even more of a treasure — and who wouldn't want to own a memorable piece of Miuccia Prada's artwork that we can attribute to a specific point in time? That's what fashion is all about!

If you still think I'm crazy for wanting to splurge on tie-dye, you may be satisfied to learn that I've also rounded up some more affordable takes on the look, all of which are just as rad. Still don't understand why, as a '90s baby, I'm so infatuated? Talk to the hand.

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